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Money Saving Tips for the Home

Whether saving up or the next big vacation or looking for ways to find great deals on everything from basic necessities to the best new gadgets, we're always seeking a shortcut to saving money. It’s so ingrained into our society that the best form of marketing comes in the form of sales which promote deals as well as coupons and vouchers. But it's not just about having a savvy shopper's eye. It's also about learning the ways in which different industries operate, as well as embracing your own sense of resourcefulness and ingenuity within the home.

Make Your Home a Haven of Sustainability and Innovation

The best place to start is the place where we spend most of our lives and share most of our precious memories: right at home. And there are myriad ways to capitalize on money-saving measures, from changing the layout of our homes themselves, upgrading them, and in the day to day practices which govern our lives. This goes hand in hand with sustainable living. There are a number of methods to cut costs with a little effort and, with the exception of some improvements, little money like:

  • Insulating our homes to retain hot and cool air
  • Implementing greywater systems and installing water kits in sinks, toilets, and showers
  • Replacing conventional light-bulbs with LED bulbs
  • Growing own produce indoors and outdoors
  • Recycling and reusing materials
  • Placing a compost in the garden

Homeowners can go a further mile and consider installing solar PV, solar thermal, and wind power systems (or geothermal in certain conditions). These give excellent return over a long-term period as well as conserving energy, and are decreasing in price. It’s also easy to save by looking at unique ways to DIY, and thanks to social media and blogging, finding tips on how to transform a set of palettes into a multifunctional desk or zen garden is easier than ever, not to mention brewing your own environmentally-friendly, cheap home cleaning supplies.

Managing Finances

While several tips around the home will cut back on the bills, it's also important to be able to manage finances effectively and monitor where expenses are coming from. This encompasses a variety of different factors. Take house, gadget, health, travel, and car insurance for example. Every year, customers should check to see if they are getting the best deals and consider switching companies, and via the internet, this is easier than ever. The same applies for utility providers as well as cable and internet companies. Taking a short amount of time to use a comparison site can save a lot of money in the long run. Families should also examine their current mortgage and interest rates, and look for alternative payment plans. There are many excellent resources available for seeking debt help and finding ways to cut back on unnecessary expenses, as well as help families and individuals develop a comprehensive expenses plan which is sustainable and achievable.

Travel, Entertainment, and Shopping

Another part of our expenses comes from the finer things in life - eating out, spending a weekend at the beach, or grabbing a new phone. Once again, the key here is research. Not only are coupon sites useful for finding great deals, but exclusive apps often offer two-for-one deals and free trials etc. for a range of products from laptops to spa getaways to movies and more. A quick glance through can save lots of money when done in advance, especially where there's a full-fledged family involved.

Travel can be a little trickier when it comes to finding deals and discounts, but not impossible. Some travel experts recommend browsing incognito for flights and hotels to prevent the site's cookies from tracking you and hiking up the prices. Others suggest being flexible with travel dates, searching midweek, and even considering booking just over a month before anticipated departure date. There are several different tips and tricks, but often it requires certain flexibility. If able to re-arrange schedule, families and individuals can be in a good position to pick up some truly excellent discounts.

Best of all, spend quality time with loved ones right at home or in the community, or go further afield and enjoy what nature has to offer. Not only is this a great time to fit in some exercise, grab some ecotherapy and clear the mind, but it's also the perfect time to bond with family. After all, the best things in life are free.