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Serving the public as a career

Every year many Samoans join the military, many straight out of high school. The main goal of the military is to fight wars and many Samoans join combat units who take the fight to America's enemy. But the military also provides great opportunities, for those joining its ranks, to gain useful trade skills. The military also offers other benefits that civilians have to pay a lot more for, like medical benefits, education, and housing.

Besides the uniformed military, there is also a large civilian structure that provides the support backbone to the war-fighters. I encourage Samoans to consider the Federal government as they look for job opportunities. The civilian force is a critical component to the success of the military. From scientists who help design new weapons to personnel clerks who make sure our men and women in the military are paid on time. The list of careers in the defense area are many and varied.

If you are a recent college graduate, you might consider a career in the public service and contribute to the defense of the Nation. Here is a sample list of organizations who provide direct support to the military.

A defense related job requires a clearance with background investigation. This can be a lengthy process, but if you are a military veteran most likely you had a clearance during active duty and that might make the process for you easier.

To start your job search, go to is the primary focal point for Defense department job announcements, from budget planners in the Pentagon to communication specialists supporting war-fighters in the forward echelons.

For some extra help, you may want to get Mr. Simpson's 'Secrets to Getting a Government Job'. It costs only $10.

Public service is a career that wont make you wealthy, and many people do frown on it. But as a public servant myself, especially working for a DoD organization serving the war-fighters, I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I'm doing my small part in the defense of the country.

Federal civilian work is diverse in terms of different specialties, localities and size of organizations, and ethnicity of the workers. It is comparable to active military. You can find civilians work side-by-side with uniformed military where ever the military operates - humanitary assistance and direct combat operations. If you are a veteran, you may find it easy to adjust to Defense civilian work environment. I highly recommend you consider a public service career and continue serving the public from a different level.

For new college graduates, Federal employment provides tuition assistance and other educational opportunities.

Federal employment is not for everyone. Like jobs in the private domain, it is up to individuals to make their Federal careers successful. The days of secure work even in the Federal government is going away as the government is faced with budget constraints and political pressure. But even with these challenges, I still consider a public service career very rewarding and something you should consider if you are looking for a job or career change.