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Aumua Amata and some of American Samoa's future leaders. Each of these young ladies received scholarships this year from the Business and Professional Women of American Samoa.
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Solomona from Congressman Faleomavaega's office shared this with me:
In case you did not see the David Tua vs Saul Montana fight last Saturday night, Congressman Faleomavaega wants to share with you a video clip of the fight. In just 2 minutes and 15 seconds into the fight, Tua knocked out Montana. During an interview after the fight, Tua is quoted saying, "This is not a come back, this is the continuation of my Tua of Duty."  Click here to view the Youtube video clip.



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West Papua Independence Movement

A growing number of Pacific Islanders are voicing concerns on the mistreatment of West Papuans by the Indonesian government. Because of Indonesia's standing in world affairs, I think governments around the world and the powerful media are ignoring this issue. I'm also doubtful that President Obama and his administration will ever address this issue since he needs Indonesia in his effort to deal with China.

Thank you Tagata Pasifika!

Tagata Pasifika is another valuable resource available online and watched by Samoans, and other Polynesians, all around the world.

Click here to read the US Court of Appeals decision on the citizenship case Tuaua vs US.

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